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2011 Work Conference
Time2011-1-22 15:28:25


January 20 -21, Qingdao Ying Li Machinery Co., Ltd. opened the 2011 work conference, conscientiously sum up the work in 2010, the full deployment of the objectives and tasks in 2011, Chairman Mr Steven YU made a presentation entitled "at a new starting point, to create new performance, enterprise development to achieve new breakthroughs, "the important speech made to the General Assembly Liu Yang, general manager of Qingdao Yingli machinery production and operation in 2010 and 2011 work report made by Vice President Bai Qiankun 2011 Qingdao Yingli Machinery management innovation, technological innovation and economic responsibility to modify, technical centers, MBA Department, Ministry of Finance asset management, technical supervision of Department, Marketing Department, Foreign Ministry and other departments responsible for leading the spoke.
This meeting is a uniting of the General Assembly, through the convening of the meeting, we unified the understanding, encouraged by their fighting spirit, to do the work of a good start in 2011, laid the foundation for a good start. Learned a lot meeting, summed up in the following areas:
First, to understand more clearly our business and advanced enterprise gaps, and enhance everyone quickly upgrade existing technology and management level, bigger and stronger and excellent business sense of urgency.
The second is clearly the work of 2011, ideas, objectives and tasks, and understand the situation, unity of thought, screwed it up, and enhance our win, "2011" on the confidence of a good start.
Third, the emancipation of the mind, creative atmosphere, the discussion in the General Assembly and the General Assembly speech, we use our brains really want to say to say to say out, and fully reflects the difficulties we face have the means, there are measures, confidence
Fourth, signed a new one-year business objectives of responsibility. They said to turn pressure into motivation to overcome various difficulties, carrying out work, to ensure completion of annual production and business goals and lay a good foundation.