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Branch plant of Yingli hold a safety study exam
Time£º2011-7-10 13:16:19

In order to ensure that the "Bai an zhai"" activity continues to carry out in-depth and make the essential safety be paid attention, on July 9, employees of branch plant held exam in training center of our company. The exam took the form of comparative economics test. All the workers in the workshop participated it.

After this activity our workshop organized all workers to study the spirit of NO.23 files seriously. Learning took the form of focusing lecture and self-study. The way of the combination of the study make every employee firmly established an idea ¡°people first¡± instead of ¡°goods first¡±. Workers have the right to escape from danger in the process of production.

The exam is not only a test for the results of study, but also makes every employee understand the essence of the file spirit. It ensures that all workers change the past unhealthy state in the following work. It develops from "want me to be safe" to "I want to be safe", then further develops from "I'll be safe" to a goal "I control safety" finally. It is the essence of the safety requirements. Forming the great situation of safety makes workshop security reach a new level in the end. We can achieve more success for our company production safety.