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Control quality to implement ISO9000
Time2011-7-5 13:19:06

                        Quality Inspection Dept.Qi Li



During the first half of 2011, staff of Production Department and Quality Inspection Department learned the specific content of ISO9000 system in the hall. Our company will be in strictly consistent with the standard to control quality.

ISO9000 provides a scientific quality management and quality assurance method for enterprise and it can be helpful to improve the internal management level.

It make internal members recognize personnel's responsibilities and avoid shirking responsibility each other.

Documents management system ensure that all work can be explicit, visible and checked. It makes employees understand the importance of quality and the work requirements through the training

It can guarantee the product quality form foundation.

It can reduce the cost of management and loss to improve the efficiency.

It provides confidence for old clients and potential customers.

It can meet the market access requirements.

It increases the strength of the competition improving the image of the enterprise.