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Yingli Branch Foundry held barbecue and camp
Time2011-8-1 16:48:54

   On the last day of July also weekend, Qingdao Yingli Branch Foundry organized all staff go to beach for barbecuing and camping. We enjoy the fresh air and interests of the nature at this weekend.
  All of us got together at 10 oclock. We loaded the food, barbecue tolls, tents and others to the bus. Then we reached the beach with laughter and song. There were soft sand, green seaweed and beautiful shells. All the games such as swimming, playing beach volleyball, football attracted us deeply.
  Barbecue started at six thirty. We shouted do it yourself and you will get food and clothes.   We baked chicken wings, sausage, meatball, corn, eggplant and so on. Of course, there must be beer, beverage and watermelon. Listen, the song, laughter and the sea .What   pleasant sound.
  After a delicious dinner, colorful activities began. It made us crazy to drink beer, play cards, swim, fish and catch crabs. We enjoyed the vast galaxy and counted the flashing starts then we made a good wish to the god.
What a pleasant day! We relaxed with sea breeze and waves. Give a holiday to our soul for happy life and work.