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Foreign customers coming to visit our factory again and again
Time2011-11-24 16:27:26

    As the New Year is near by, my company product ushered in another sales peak. Recently, foreign customers who coming from Brazil, Singapore and other countrys visiting our  factory frequently.


   General manager, production factory director accompanied customers to visit production workshop, laboratory and products showroom, In the negotiation process, general manager Mr. Eric introduced to customers of our strength, the advantage, machinery and equipment, the scale of production, business operation, brand awareness and so on a series of problems, and the key introduction of the mechanical product features and the style, location, the scale, the main market, and so on.


   It is reported, foreign customers pay more and more attention to production enterprise is professional or not, whether to have export experience, how to ensure the quality, whether the product is competitive, etc, to these problems is just yingli mechanical advantage. Yingli machinery has been committed to the research and development, manufacturing and sales pipe fittings. Our rroducts are sold to Europe, America, Africa, southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions in the world, products not only can accurately seize the local market, but also provide local consumers more quality, efficient service.


   According to this communion, more and more customers choose yingli to cooperate, to create a win-win situation.