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Two hug betweem President hu jintao and a Portuguese cavalry
Time2011-11-25 9:38:18

    President hu jintao arrived in Lisbon on November 6, afternoon and start a state visit to Portugal.


    Soon after Arrived, President hu jintao headed for hot Ronnie's church and lay a wreath for  the tomb of Camoens who be known as "the Portuguese hands" of the famous poet. After laying a wreath, President hu jintao review cavalry guard of honour.


    President hu jintao took to the reviewing stand, honor guard commander to salute him, a trumpeter then ring. Then a brown horse suddenly frightened, horse cavalry was cast in stone on the ground. People gave a exclaimed.


    At the end of the parade, President hu trot down to reviewing stand, walked directly to the wounded soldiers who just fall off.


   "It doesn't matter to you?" President hu jintao very concerned to ask, and hug him two times. He also said "Thank you. I hope you don't fall!"


    The events that President hu jintao care injury of the Portuguese cavalry not only touched present people but also become a favourite tale in Portugal. Local media have reported that this events fully embodies the Chinese head of state and the Chinese people in Portuguese people's affection.