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The simple workbench make a good effect
Time2012-1-14 13:41:57
Report from our correspondent, after more than a month time of using, the using effect of assembly workshop new production line of workbench is satisfactory. This workshop workers are replacing all the tables of the production line. New workbench is desktop with open structure which is divided into the upper and lower levels, the upper is filled with material which we need now, the lower is used for store spare materials. Compared with the original cabinet table, the new is simple and useful. The new workbench has several advantages. First, mesa wide, so it can be placed more production material that save more time for taking material. Second, it was fixed on the ground, material placed stability, so it can improve work efficiency. Third, settings is according to process need, high moderate, staff take material more convenient. Fourth, duing to the bench is fixed and simple, neat and easy cleaning, it is helpful for production line on site management.