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Insist on quality first
Time2012-1-15 15:22:11
Quality is the lifeline of the Yingli, Yingli rise when quality rise, and vice versa. This is Yingli's overall production quality management guidelines. Words is easy, but to carry out the every step of the way on production process is hard.
In order to ensure product quality, our company not only strict implementation of national standards for manufacturing, but establishment of a viable company quality management system with the actual. In the process of quality management system, company leaders personally organized the company's quality policy and quality objectives of the development, especially for the eight management principles in the "leading role" re-understanding of the key principles to ensure the role of the unit number in the quality management system development, these making "take temporary solution" to solve the quality problem of the concrete, and the quality of the operator and consciousness "effect a permanent cure"-to management and solve problem of awareness of the managers got high unification, effectively promote the staff to the quality management system operation highly, improving overall implementation, ensure the quality documents to effectively implement and implement.