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The process of elbow
Time2012-1-20 17:09:58
Seamless elbow: Elbow is one fitting be used for the bend part of a pipe. In piping system it used the largest proportion, about 80% in all fittings. Typically, the thickness of different materials or choose a different bend forming process. At present, factory commonly used seamless elbow forming process like hot push,pressing, extrusion, etc.
 a. Hot push forming
 b. Stamping forming
 c. Other methods of forming
In addition to the three commonly used outside of the forming process, seamless elbow still use the tube squeezed to the outer mold, and then pass the ball through the tube within the plastic forming process. However, this process is relatively complex, operational problems, and forming quality not as good as the aforementioned process, so it is less used.