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On the production line, the party flag is red - remember Yingli Group CNC workshop Party branch
Time£º2012-8-17 17:13:39

On August 16, the reporter interviewed Yingli Group CNC workshop Party branch which recently commended in the activities of ¡°first to excellence¡±, experienced the touching story behind her honor ...

"Over the years, leading by the CNC workshop, the company done a good job, and the CNC workshop is our leading military, a red flag in our production line." Speaking of the CNC workshop, Yingli Group Party Minister expressed a lot of pride. The first time we saw the workshop director, party branch secretary Ji Min, was in the busy production line. "We are workers, and every day work with machine we can feel practical, the achievements thanks to everyone¡¯s efforts." Speaking of her own achievements, Ji Min was very common, but when talked about the development of the workshop, she had no stingy words.