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"The enterprise is stronger, the happier we are. " C written down Yingli labor expert Jiang Hong
Time2012-8-24 17:26:17
"This five years, is our biggest harvest five years, our group is more and more strong, our working conditions more and more comfortable, our living environment is becoming more and more better. Even I, from an ordinary worker grow up a labor expert; become a worker guided more than 100 workers, striving in the first production line. Looking back the five years, and my biggest feel is: the enterprise is stronger, the happier we are" Jiang Hong said. In the past five years, he had been struggle in energy conservation and emission reduction, and ensured the safety in production work, and rectifyed the production workshop for many times , improved the production efficiency. In addition, JiangHong also said that "we will make our work better, let Yingli group development faster and faster, better and better, and make contribution to our country, then let our life more happy."