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Yingli Group, die-casting mold surface treatment technology: make good "surface article"
Time2012-8-25 16:55:37

When mentioned die-casting mould surface treatment technology, a lot of people probably don't understand: pay attention to the internal quality is good, why do "surface article"? Yingli group says: with the market changes, demand increase day by day, we must put all kinds of surface treatment technology into die-casting mould of surface treatment, then we can achieved the requirements of high-efficiency, high precision and high life for the casting molds.

At the same time, the market was also putting forward higher requirements on the mechanical properties and life of the die-casting mold, and due to harsh working conditions, then put forward strict requirements for die-casting mold of higher thermal fatigue, thermal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact toughness. By this token, for die-casting mold enterprise, it was not only the intrinsic quality, completed "surface article" was also imperative.