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Yingli group held a development strategy seminar
Time2012-8-29 17:33:23

On August 27th, Yingli group development strategy seminar held in the Group meeting room. Group general manager and all the management personnel attended this meeting. The general manager presided over the meeting ,and made a report of "Yingli Group Twelfth Five-Year development strategy planning", the report analysed the development advantage, opportunity and deficiency of our enterprise, put forward the enterprise internal management, product R&D, introduction of talents, technological innovation, market development, and other aspects of planning objectives, released enterprise short-term, medium-term and long-term development strategy draft, and expounded the development direction of the enterprise. At last, he called on all the members together, self-pressurized, rose to the challenge, bravely rushed out, fighting hard for tweteen-five, to realize the new span, again innovation success.