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Flexible automation production line bring strong power for Chinese die casting mould enterprise development
Time2012-9-1 17:32:15

In the Twelfth Five-Year planning guidance, China is toward intelligent environmental sustainable direction stride forward. Especially flexible automation production line appear in die casting mould enterprise, bring strong power to the development of die casting mould enterprise in our country, and also show its strong vitality.

It is reported that with the continuous development of information technology, the mold industry high reliability, intelligent, automated, and efficient high-precision and other related technologies will also along with the continuous development , the digital enterprise will come up. Therefore, the active use of digital information technology, advancing two of the depth of fusion, innovation, and lead the development, will become the only way for die-casting mold industry to grow stronger. I believe that in the future. There will be more scientific intelligent production line invest to Chinese mold industry enterprise.