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Yingli group will attempt to "order type" train
Time2012-9-1 17:32:54

On August 30, the company held scientific and technological personnel symposium in the group convention center. At the meeting group, President stressed that science and technology talents are the main factors to decide the fate of an enterprise in the future, we must pay more attention to the cultivation of talents. And he announced that will try to sign "order type" train agreement with the university, from college junior began to intervention engineering professional course, through the practice way of enterprise personnel go to school to make lecture, students go to enterprise do visit , to establish a "school-enterprise cooperation" mode. Graduates trained in this mode, on the one hand, they would have the practical ability, on the other hand, came into contact with the corporate culture in the school, it was easy to identify with the enterprise, and conducive to the stability of the talent.