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Yingli forging factory equipment "patron saint"
Time2012-10-12 17:35:35

Zhanghai, the mechanic of the Yingli forging factory equipment overhaul class, an ordinary, obscure but persistent ordinary employees, in the cycle of mechanical maintenance work, writing an extraordinary experience.

Zhanghai is the company's first batch of employees, beginning no teacher, all equipment maintenance skills are on his own and learn with colleagues. He smiled and said, "We do machine repair, in fact, is a doctor, like doctors 'repair' the human body, our machine repair need to be very familiar with the equipment structure, performance even running condition, and give 'the right remedy. "to the equipment " In this way, he quickly familiar with the 10.5 company's production equipment, and can completely independent maintenance companys all kinds of equipment. With his excellent repair skills and professionalism, quickly become the team recognized Overhaul expert.