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Yingli group held the forging technology conference
Time£º2012-12-6 17:30:27

From December 3 to 5, 2012, Yingli group held "2012 the first time forging technology conference ". Group general manager Eric Lin and forging factory technical director Zhang Zhen attends the meeting and speech.

ZhangZhen gave high evaluation of forging factory¡¯s work in the speech, and puts forward specific requirements for the forging factory technical specialist. Zhang Zhen points out, whether do technology research, or production testing, should deal with overall and scientific. The technical annual meeting¡¯s theme is "2013 Yingli forging factory development outlook ", aims to promote the exchange of technology, display results of the forging factory, discusses the problem of forging field, and continuously improve the technical level of forging factory.