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Care for life and health - Yingli Group organized worker at the production line to take occupational health examination
Time2012-12-18 17:26:06

In order to implement the national relevant laws and regulations of the occupation health prevention and control, cogent safeguard the front-line workers health and safety, from December 17 to 18, Yingli Group commissioned Disease Control Center that conform to the qualification requirements make occupational health examination for nearly 200 company's front-line employees.

In addition to the necessary routine physical examination, the physical examination aimed at different positions that existence different occupation hazards, targeted for listening, heart and lung, ray and other medical project. Besides, the city of CDC make comprehensive analysis according to the examinee staffs' examination, make a diagnosis and evaluation reports, let workers understand their own physical condition, early detection and prevention the occupational diseases, well in advance recuperate the body or treatment.