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The quality of molten iron is the basic guarantee to improve the comprehensive quality of castings
Time2013-1-26 17:41:25

According to the survey: improve the quality of the casting method has many kinds,  such as increasing the level of the casting process, transformation the casting production equipment, and optimize the casting material and so on. Which provides high-quality molten iron is also one of the methods, and provides quality hot metal, is the basic guarantee to improve the comprehensive quality of castings.

The so-called high quality hot metal refers to the hot metal of high temperature of molten iron, qualified components, small fluctuation, burning fewer elements, carburet rate high. In order to obtain high quality hot metal, should choose the foundry coke and advanced applicable furnace. Cupola melting capacity more than 5t/h should be used for outside hot air, water-cooled, continuous operation, cleaning, enclosed cupola, Assembly line production of nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron, high strength gray iron castings should adopt the cupola, induction furnace duplex melting production of special small iron castings, such as power supply condition is good, can use furnace melting. In the process of melting, also be used for adding oxygen blowing, and other heavy dehumidification technology.