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Yingli group reduction cost creating business opportunities action starting
Time2013-1-31 17:42:23

In the New Year, Yingli Group profound understanding if you want to win a place on the market of fittings, should pay attention to energy saving, strictly control production costs, in order to achieve greater efficiency, Yingli Group can develop more powerful.

Recently, Yingli Group has launched a new initiative for energy saving, after benefit by mutual discussion, finally come up with a novel idea for the company mechanical equipment power consumption and achieve remarkable success. And take full advantage of the daily electricity particular period, to avoid the peak power consumption period of high electricity prices, choose low electricity consumption of a small tariff period and the workshop production of coordinated, that is, to ensure safety in production and reduce the operation unit power consumption period. In addition, the company made frequency energy saving technological transformation for the existing key electric equipment, and achieved positive results in reducing the company's electricity rates and enhanced the safe operation of equipment.

2013, Yingli Group will continue to strengthen the energy saving work, to encourage employees to think about more suggestions and ideas. And accelerate the technological progress, strengthen energy security awareness of environmental protection, to further strengthen energy conservation, to create more business opportunities for the company, and strive to achieve long-term sustainable development.