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The new year, a new look, a new environment - Yingli Group dining environment improved significantly
Time2013-2-5 17:35:19

In 2013 January, Yingli group proceed to expansion dinning hall. Based on the employee responsible attitude, this dinning hall expansion combined with the reasonable suggestions of employees, to create a health, comfortable dining environment for the staff, improve the service attitude of staff canteen, and strengthen internal management, so that employees truly feel the humanities concern of the business enterprise.

The dinning hall added air conditioning, wall-mounted TV, wall lamp, canteen food species becomes rich, provides palatable meals for employees and the daily food type, are published on the whiteboard.

Canteen management has also been improved, purchased the uniform plate, so it is convenient for containing food, after use tableware also unified management. Group Company said: the canteen management upgrade will enhance employee trust in companies, improve the dining environment, and improve food quality in order to better serve our employees, do a good job of logistic support for the employees engaged in the work.