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Latin American countries have active demand for China's stainless steel products
Time2013-2-5 17:35:53

The Latin American region mostly in developing countries, these countries the economic develop rapid, development space is great, and have immense development. Last year the world's iron and steel industry, the market is not well, but benefit from Latin American countries on China's demand for stainless steel products, China's stainless steel exports did not go to the bottom.

It is reported, recently Latin American Iron and Steel Institute Alacero said, Latin American imports steel products in January-November 2012 in China of 2700000 tons, of which the largest amount is Venezuela, accounting for about 20% of the region's total imports reached 536,200 tons, an increase of 119%. Brazil imports accounted for about 18% of the total amount of Latin American imports, up to 491707 tons. Chile imports accounted for about 14% of the total amount of Latin American imports, up to 318456 tons.

Latin American imports of Chinese steel products contain a lot of stainless steel products, under the pull of the Latin American countries; the export volume of China's stainless steel products has decreased, but in Latin America's performance is very good.