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Qingdao Yingli response calls for austerity, and resolutely put an end to extravagance and waste
Time2013-2-9 17:47:18

Frugality is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. In response to the Party Central Committee on austerity's call, Qingdao Yingli Machinery recently by canceling the Spring Festival Evening and reunion banquet, non-excessive hospitality, strict official vehicles, use action to answer.

First, our company requires all managers and department heads set an example. Honesty and self-discipline, thrift become a habit. The second, according to the requirement, annual Spring Festival Gala and the gathering will be cancelled. Savings funds will be used to send warmth and improve employee work environment. The third is to actively promote the "paperless" office. In addition to the archive documents, other documents, work orders circulated and all kinds of referrals to always use the office OA Upload issued, the paper must be two-sided printing to reduce the expenditure of the office supplies. The fourth is to strengthen the management of the vehicle, put an end to fuel consumption and waste. Go to the same direction, in principle, one day out of a car, introduced a number of transactions with one vehicle, improve vehicle application performance.