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The usage of high permeability coating in the casting
Time2013-2-12 17:37:44

In the sand mold casting often use casting coating to fill the gap of sand mold and core, avoid the liquid metal infiltration, affecting the quality of castings. However, general coating can only penetrate into one or two sand, when the metal has high pressure or pouring temperature is high, and can not effectively prevent the infiltration of the liquid metal to produce mechanical sticky sand.

This requires a method to solve this problem, high permeability coating is born to solve this problem, the like SEMCOCoating9223 (water-based zircon powder paint high permeability) or TenoCoatingZKPX (alcohol-based zircon powder high penetration coating), the penetration depth can reach 5 ~ 50mm, can effectively block the surface sand core porosity, which can effectively prevent the emergence of mechanical sticky sand. Usually by brushing or spraying make the paint directly for easy penetration of the region, to ensure the surface quality and the overall quality of castings.