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Die-casting mold industry in China will get rid of import dependence
Time2013-2-12 17:38:15

Die-casting mold industry in China in recent years developed very quickly, because of the market potential is very large, market demand continue to stimulate the rapid growth of the total production of die-casting mold, Due to superior product quality and relatively low market prices, which makes our die-casting mold products to meet domestic demand, but also exported to the international market, which makes our country to obtain huge returns  in the process of the implementation of Go Out policy.

It is understood that, to 2015, our country die-casting mold industrys annual sales will reach 174 billion yuan, will be a record high. Among them, export die casting mold products will account for about 15% of the total sales, domestic market domestic die-casting mold from the distribution rate will reach 85%, the proportion of high-grade mold will reach more than 40%. By then, the die-casting mold industry in China will change the embarrassment of the former in the high-end die-casting mold technology products completely dependent on foreign imports. Domestic die-casting mold industry will continue to strive to get rid of the imports, the future, die-casting mold industry in China will rise higher and higher, get on a new level, a new height.