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Qingdao yingli machinery is rated as science and technology innovative
Time2013-3-23 17:23:36

Recently, Qingdao yingli machinery, 100 companies were identified for the 2012 Qingdao science and technology enterprises, that is valid for 3 years.


Innovative companies refers to the system, management, knowledge, technology, culture and other aspects has strong innovation vigor, has the key technology advantage and intellectual property rights in the industry, can make sensitive response to changing market conditions. Its main features are: enterprise internal realization of research and development system, continuous innovation ability; Become one of the core functions of corporate research and development, innovation output; R&d, production, sale trinity, formation, development, production and sales of three interactive mechanism of sound; Can through continuous innovation, the enterprise with independent intellectual property rights; Enterprise profit ability is strong, sustainable revenues; Enterprise innovation culture, principal technical innovation; Enterprise financial system specification, etc.